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Side of building with Channel 5 symbol
Retained in 1972 by Boston Broadcasters Inc. to develop a new corporate identity program for Boston's new ABC affiliate, WCVB-TV - Channel 5. This was Wyman & Cannan’s first major client. The challenge was to create a dynamic symbol based on the number 5.
Channel 5 logo
Large scale interpretations of the symbol were applied to all architectural elements of the new studios.
In addition to creating a distinct symbol that identified the new channel, the assignment included the application of that symbol to a number of elements to strengthen the new broadcast entity.
News TV set with table and chairs featuring symbol
The symbols adaptation as the stations first News Set. Its multi-purpose configuration allowed for interaction between the co-anchors and their broadcast guests.
Aerial of WCVB building with row of channel 5 logos painted thereon
A scale model showing proposed building identification including a roof-top helipad.
WCVB Envelope with logo and rainbow banner WCVB business card with logo
Proposed Corporate stationary
The symbol was applied to all company vehicles. The multi-color band was to promote the all-color broadcast capabilities of the new station.
The design development of the symbol had to consider its use at all scales and in a variety applications.
Drawing from above of news set
A preliminary design development sketch illustrating the News Set concept and its versatility.
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Model of helicopter with logo on it Model of van with logo on sides, back and roof Painted news truck with logo Drawing of truck with logo
Original sketch proposal for van
Applied to the Mobile Broadcast Van
Large channel 5 logo Small channel 5 logo
Any successful symbol has to adapt to a variety of applications both for broadcast and/or print purposes.
Channel 5 logo with clouds background Channel 5 logo with shadows Logo drawn with thin lines Reversed colored logo Promotional material featuring logo with small squares flying off from it
Superimposed image
Large board featuring development of logo ideas
Further logo development using a circle Logo development using an arrow Final logo
The basic concept for the symbol was the combination of concentric circles with a directional arrow.
Superimposing the 2 elements at a 45 degree angle provided the basic geometry for the symbol.
With minor adjustments the dynamic arrow becomes the core of the symbol creating the new identity for WCVB-TV Channel 5, Boston.
This studio wall shows a typical concept stage of the symbol's development process.
“The WCVB-5 identity has proven it’s longevity. It is still in use after 40+ years.”