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Children's clocks brochure cover. Herman Miller script and logo. The collection of Zoo Timer clocks showing 6 different designs. Two hands holding the Owl Clock closeup. Packaging display showing stacks of boxes the clocks went in.
This line of children’s clocks were designed while at the George Nelson office. The Howard Miller Clock Company was attempting to expand their modern clock collection into other marketing areas. The children’s room seemed the perfect place.
The Zoo Timer brochure cover
The Zoo Timer collection

Three Institutional Clocks against a background.
Three dial designs were selected for production.
Each clock was offered in a black,
grey or white background.
This line of Institutional Clocks was designed specifically for the commercial market and the Architectural and/or Interior Design specifier.

Available in single or double faced versions, a variety of configurations were possible to accommodate wall, pendant or projecting installations.
Various casing options were explored in
the design development stage.
Slim mounted clock into ceiling concept Saddle mounted clock into ceiling concept Oval mounted clock into ceiling concept Diagram of three different clock mounting designs - wall, ceiling, and flag.
Wall Mount
Ceiling Mount
Flag Mount
Picture showing a man holding a clock to show scale Cieling mounted clock
Three mounting options were offered.
The selected casing design.
Made up of a few interchangeable clock components, a number of configurations are possible. The basic clock face and mechanism nests in a spun aluminum casing. For double faced versions, a break-formed shroud supports the assembly.
Exploded view drawing of isometric clock parts mounted to a wall or cieling Six clock face designs that were rejected by the client.
A sampling of rejected clock faces created in the design development stage.

Various service modeule comonents shown side by side, with different designs.
An array of Service Module Components showing various
combinations, including possible horizontal applications.
In an attempt to enter the growing homebuilding market with a unique product, Howard Miller contracted George Nelson & Co. to design a system of multi-functional storage and service units. The result was the Service Module System, (SMS).
Working within building standards, a series of multi-functional components (Information Center, Illuminated mirror, Secure Storage Compartment and Drier / Hamper) were combined in a system that allowed a variety of choices for the Architect, Builder or Consumer.
The Information portion
included a clock, a radio and
a thermometer/barometer.
Drawing of three different service module designs, with adult silouettes standing in front of them in various poses.
The System was adaptable to the bathroom, dressing room, laundry room, kitchen, utility room, playroom and bedroom.
A few brochures stacked and with different pages open.
The Service Module System brochure illustrates the variety of combinations possible by using the component approach.
The SMS was awarded “Best in Residential Design” by The Design in Steel Institute in 1964.
The wood paneled dryer & hamper unit shown with the door opening.
Choices in finishes and colors expand the options. The SMS was also suitable for use in Hotels, Motels, Hospitals and Office Buildings.
The entire dryer & hamper unit shown upright with the door closed, built into a wall.
The basic unit (Info / Mirror / Storage / Dryer) measures 78”h x 26”w x 6”d.
Time exposure photos of a man operating the hamper and moving the door open or closed.  
     	Text on this image point to the Information Center, Illuminated Mirror, Storage Unit, and the Drier & Hamper assembly.
     	Three different white designs of the assembly are shown to the right.
     	Beneath them, text says that there are six standard SMS units are available.
The standard SMS unit provides a multitude of functions by combining the Information Center, Illuminated Mirror, Storage Compartment and Drier / Hamper options into one assembly.
The System is designed to fit within the standard 14” stud spacing used in the homebuilding industry thereby utilizing what was wasted space.

Pronto Poster # 1, featuring humorous hazzard warning signs.
This series of 24 safety posters were designed for use in factories and other manufacturing facilities in support of new safety regulations recently introduced throughout the United States.
Manufactured of silk screened images on durable high pressure laminate materials, they brought a touch of levity to the industrial environment.
Pronto Poster # 2, featuring humorous hazzard warning signs. A collection of the various Pronto Posters.