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Herman Miller Segmented chairn
Paper mock-up of Club Chair for United Airlines Lounge
In 1963, Union Carbide commissioned George Nelson & Co. to develop applications for their new self skinning foam technique that replicated
leather or textured vinyl.

With Herman Miller, this conceptual chair was developed using a systems approach to its manufacture. By using a common component,
a variety of chairs could be created.
Gas Association Pavilion at the New York World's Fair
The first production run of 150 side chairs was utilized in “The American Restaurant”, at the Gas Association Pavilion at Flushing Meadows, NYC.
Sectional diagram of chair components Foam models of the segmented chairs Marker drawing of two chairs drawn by Jerry Okuda
The Segmented Chair was issued a U. S. Patent for it’s unique construction. Problems with the foam technique developed by Union Carbide and the size limitation on producing components resulted in the curtailment of it’s production by Herman Miller.
Initial concept sketch
Segmented chair patent office drawing Text page detailing patent from the US Patent Office
A U.S. PATENT was issued for the segmented chair to William J. Cannan and Ronald Beckman while working for George Nelson & Co., who by contract agreement, sold the rights to Herman Miller Inc. for the sum of $1.00.
Closeup of Price & Heneveld credits to William J. Cannan and Ronald Beckman Diagram of segmented chair sections drawn by US Patent Office
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Design: George Nelson & Company.   Bill Cannan - Ronald Beckman - Irving Harper

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