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Photo of Times Square in 1984.
Duffy Square in Times Square, NYC, circa 1984.
Retained by the NYC Architectural/Engineering firm Vollmer & Associates to provide an identity program and environmental graphics for the proposed Broadway Plaza project in Times Square.
The project focused on the replacement of the popular TKTS booth in Times Square and included the development of the surrounding plaza including Duffy Square.
Single star design used in the logo and font.
Starting with two visual elements, lights and stars, a common Broadway idiom, a singular symbol was created. It is used to symbolized lights and action and reflect the notion of ascendency on Broadway .......
......a little star turning into a big star.
Pictures detailing how the star font was developed and applied to the logotype.
1. A single line of rising stars.....
2. repeated to form a grid.....
3. provided a pallette to create letterforms.....
The complete logotype spelling out Broadway Plaza.
The proposed IDENTITY for the Times Square district.
Vertical banner style signage on a pole saying East and West. Vertical banner style signage on a pole saying uptown and downtown.
Two banners were placed on each light standard to help orient visitors to the city’s basic geography.

Uptown / Downtown
East / West
The project also focused on the replacement of the popular TKTS booth in Times Square (47th St. and Broadway) and included the development of the surrounding
plaza for pedestrian use.
3D map of lower Manhattan, featuring vertical standing human figures.
The MAP of Manhattan
Model and map of TKTS Office and 3D map of lower Manhattan.
Overhead view.
Linear map of Manhattan with landmarks identified with circles.
The proposed solution was to impose a large scale map of Manhattan into the cast stone pavers of the Plaza. Landmark attractions would be identified and an overall sense of place would aid the visitor in orienting themselves to the island of Manhattan.
A minimum of 16 Landmark’s would be identified.
A to Z alphabet of the Broadway Plaza letters.
An alphabet of the project's logotype was developed for use on all related structures and signage in the project.
Model of the Broadway Plaza information kiosk.
Information Booth model
This project was never built due to changes in the management of the Times Square Re-development District and a subsequent change in the architectural consultants.
The Map Tiles
Prototyp of paving design tiles.
The 24 x 24 inch map tiles, made
of cast stone, are incised to represent the street grid of Manhattan. They are also recessed to accept the 36 inch diameter Landmark identifiers.
The Landmark Identifier
Manhole cover with Manhattan spelled out on it.
Manhole covers are a common sight in the streets of Manhattan. These are reinterpreted here to serve as locators of the city’s Landmarks. Pictograms of each Landmark serve a multi-lingual audience of visitors.
Sketch of feet standing over a map on the ground.
A typical incised cast stone tile showing the streets of Manhattan.
Major arteries are also identified.
Design of a manhole cover with the Empire State design on it.
One of many cast iron landmark pictograms. (Empire State Building, Central Park, Greenwich Village, etc.)