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Retained by Fidelity Bank to develop a new Corporate Identity program for it’s headquarters and all 125 branch banks in the statewide system.

Surveys of all sites were completed to determine sign types and their scale for each facility. 

A separate program for the ATM system was also developed with it’s own identity.

1. The unique typography found on the dollar was used as a departure point for developing a logotype and symbol.

The original Fidelity Corporate symbol.

2. The geometry of the letterforms was adapted to a non-serif version (no curves) that served as the basis for the Bank logotype.

3. The same geometric grid was used as the groundwork for developing the symbol for the Bank.

The Fidelity symbol lapel pin.

Initial Pylon Sign displaying Bank Symbol, Bank Logotype and inset panel for future information (ATM’s, Drive-thru, etc.)


The use of the Federal currency was seen as an appropriate reference for a Bank Identity program.